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Veterinarian placing a recovery collar around a Westie's neck.

Introducing the Epitopus Fund

Nobody knows the veterinary business like the people that work in the clinics day in and day out. The EpiTopus mission will create passionate, caring clinics because they are owned and operated by a passionate, caring staff where you can receive excellent healthcare for your pets.

How it works

EpiTopus is changing the face of veterinary medicine. With the help of the Epitopus Fund, key veterinary clinic employees can purchase the practice where they work. 

Purchase of the practice by staff is made possible using a promissory note payable to the exiting owner.  The EpiTopus Fund protects the promissory note against default, thus removing the risk of the owner selling the practice.

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New memberships are currently unavailable. Please email epitopus@epitopus.com, and we will let you know when memberships resume. Thank you for your patience.

What is the EpiTopus Fund?

  • The EpiTopus Fund is a bank account that has restrictions against withdrawals.
  • EpiTopus membership fees are deposited directly into the Fund.

Will there be investment of the Fund?

Initially, no. The capital within the Fund will not be touched as it accumulates.  As it increases, we get closer to our goal of being able to guarantee the promissory note used by existing staff to purchase their veterinary practice.

In the future, EpiTopus members can give feedback on Fund activity before it occurs. 

Our goal is to keep EpiTopus members in the loop regarding fund usage so we can understand your wants and needs.

As an EpiTopus member, you gain a voice within pet health care.

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Current Fund Balance

Updated as of June 15, 2024

Help keep pet healthcare in the hands of veterinary professionals. . .

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EpiTopus and its founder Keith Sierbinski are passionate about veterinary healthcare that comes from clinic owners vested in your animals’ care. With your help, we can create more clinics offering the high level of care your pet deserves.

Please help this mission come true.

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Thank you,
Keith Sierbinski, D.V.M.
Founder, EpiTopus