Choosing Employee Ownership Groups (EOG)

Empowering Employees

Did you know that in many states, veterinarians AND non-veterinarians can own a vet practice? Restrictions for non-veterinarian ownership vary from state to state. 

The restrictions for non-veterinarian ownership of practices were put in place to prevent medical decisions from being made by someone without the professional skills or license to make those decisions.

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These rules only partially worked. Corporations and private equity groups are purchasing many veterinary practices. This reduces the voice of veterinarians and veterinary professionals within pet healthcare.

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Restriction of non-veterinary practice ownership is protective but also limiting.  It prevents those with veterinary experience from taking their careers to the next level by becoming owners. It pushes such individuals out of the veterinary field altogether, even though they are very committed to making a difference in the practice.  

We know practice employees who can run the clinic if the owners retire or want to sell the practice.  EpiTopus considers these employees possible members of an EOG (Employee Ownership Group). We help establish an EOG, and the practice owner sells the clinic to them.


To establish an EOG, there is a vote. EpiTopus organizes and oversees the voting process used to decide the members of the EOG. 


  • The current owners of the clinic
  • The current employees of the clinic
  • Randomly chosen long-term clients 
  • EpiTopus
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Man wearing a grey sweater cupping hound dog's face


Any veterinary professionals with at least five years of full-time veterinary experience qualify as a candidate for the ballot. The practice owner(s) and employees then select qualified candidates. The practice owners nominate multiple people depending on the size of the clinic.


  • Current employees
  • Past employees 
  • Outside veterinary professionals with which the practice staff is familiar.

EpiTopus interviews each nominee and finalizes the ballot. The vote occurs. We count the votes and announce the new owners of the veterinary practice. A period of 6-18 months follows, in which we help the new owners navigate the transition process.

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