Our mission is to “Help Take Care of the People that Care for Your Pets.”

EpiTopus is a veterinary medicine membership group. It's main goal is to support the sale of veterinary clinics internally, to a core group of existing employees.

Why Become a member of EpiTopus?

Did you know that more and more veterinary clinics are owned by corporations and private equity funds, not veterinarians?

Do you even know who owns your clinic?

Are you concerned about the future of your pet’s health care?

We are definitely concerned.

EpiTopus is a pet healthcare membership group. Its goal is to support the sale of veterinary clinics, INTERNALLY, to a key group of existing staff.  We are asking pet owners and Pet Passionate Peopletm to join us.

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Here's why

Far too many veterinary workers are leaving the profession. The number of veterinary workers must be higher to provide adequate care for our pets in many areas of the country.

The best way to keep veterinary workers from leaving the field is to bring clinic ownership within their reach.  The possibility of clinic ownership greatly raises the ceiling of the veterinary profession for all its workers.

This will help keep current veterinary workers in the field and attract new people to veterinary medicine. In this way, we can bolster the labor force and make pet health care more accessible.

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Support the veterinarian industry and increase the quality and accessibility of pet care by becoming a member today.
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    Dr. Keith

What are we?

We are a call to action. We are a pet healthcare membership group and animal rescue advocate. We are an LLC, not a nonprofit organization, and cannot receive donations. We are not crowdfunding. We have no ties with venture capitalists or private or corporate investors.

We are dependent on you to join us.

As a member of EpiTopus, you will play an active role in improving pet health care.

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What we do:

EpiTopus is building a fund to support groups of staff members who want to purchase their veterinary clinic. This fund is fueled by your EpiTopus membership fee ($3/month or $30/year).

Membership fees are deposited directly into this Fund. When enough members join, EpiTopus can financially secure the promissory notes used in the purchase of the veterinary clinics to their staff. The clinic owner(s) leave knowing that their staff has been rewarded for their years of hard work and dedication.

The new employee ownership group (EOG) is truly vested in taking the clinic and its patients into the future. For pets and their owners, care stays in the hands of those that they know and trust.

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Participate in the growing community and support your veterinarian community today and increase the availability for quality care for your pets.

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Our Growth

The Fund enables existing staff to purchase their veterinary clinic. Learn more about the fund →

Join Our Mission

EpiTopus and its founder Keith Sierbinski are passionate about veterinary healthcare that comes from clinic owners vested in your animals’ care. With your help, we can create more clinics offering the high level of care your pet deserves.

Please help this mission come true.

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Thank you,
Keith Sierbinski, D.V.M.
Founder, EpiTopus